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01/2022 – January Newsletter

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Jan 2022

Happy New Year GLWA gals!

Whew, I for one am happy to see 2021 in the rearview mirror and am eagerly looking forward to a new year full of opportunities and adventures. I hope that each of you had good holidays, stayed healthy and enjoyed family and friend time. Let’s toast to good times had and better times to come.

Speaking of toasts and good times, a huge shout out to our social committee for a forever plaid good time at the December meeting.  Lots of guests, good food, piles of gifts for our holiday helping hands, and giving away money to  Agape House and Twin Oaks Shelter made for much merriment. Thank you to everyone that planned, decorated, donated, attended and wanted to attend but that darn Covid got in the way.

The Geneva Lake Women’s Association has a lot going on in 2022 and we need you. Who is up for either being on the nominating committee in January or better yet, are you ready for a position on the board? All elected positions are on the ballot and only the President requires previous board service. One-year terms, think about it, and be prepared when contacted by a committee member. Scholarship committee meets in April to determine our award winner, how about helping a deserving young woman fulfill her dreams? The Children’s Art Show is back after a few years’ hiatus; and, energetic creative thinkers are needed to make proud parent moments happen.  Women’s Weekend is right around the corner and for sure we have a spot or two for you.  Don’t be shy, try a new project and make some new friends.

Your Board of Directors takes their responsibilities seriously when concerns or issues are brought to our attention. As I have previously stated, facts and information matter, and we keep our focus on the GLWA mission “for the betterment of our community.”  All of us will not always agree and that is just a fact of life.  Compromise and negotiation are good words to know and skills to use.  Ladies, doing good works and giving away money should make you happy.

I am looking forward to seeing many of you Monday January 10th at Foley’s.  We are looking to bless some deserving organizations in January 2022 should you approve. Please see your newsletter for more information.

I wish each and every one of you a healthy, happy, safe and prosperous 2022 filled with love and joy. Life is what you make of it, so make it a great one.



GLWA General Meeting Calendar 2022

January 10 Monday GLWA General Meeting5:30pm Social Hour, 6:00 Meeting Starts Foley’s Irish Woods restaurant (behind Foley’s Bar) W3905 State Road 50    262-245-6966

Hosts:  Judie Piscopo & Nancy Castelein

Light snacks will be provided.  Mixed drinks, beer & soft drinks are avail for purchase bar side.

The general meeting (6:00pm) will have updates from our board and committees managing various GLWA fundraising efforts and upcoming events.

Monday’s meeting will focus on a few items:

Financial requests: $  500 Fellow Mortals Wildlife Hospital, animal hospital in Walworth Co.

$1,000 Never Say Never Playground, playland for children of all abilities. Veteran’s Park, LG   Link to view https://youtu.be/3eW68p-JXZg

$ 300 LG Library Brick (12 x 12) in honor of Ms Sara (Children’s Art Show host). Renovation of the library’s outdoor patio. 

$   500  (up to 500 total match) to Lakeland Animal Shelter for the Betty White Challenge.  Members who donate to a shelter of their choice can have their funds matched in a donation to Lakeland.  Present your receipt. Scholarship Chair Chair, Colleen Dunford, is moving end of Jan.  Co-chair and committee members needed.

Children’s Art Show Apr/ May 2022.  Chair & committee members needed. 

Nominating Committee Chair, Missy Sell.  Committee members needed.  *All current board members wishing to run for office, please contact Missy of your intentions as soon as possible.

Women’s Weekend ’22 Discussion.

*Keep in mind, if your schedule does not allow for a committee chair position, we are always in need of committee members.  Do not let your ideas & input go untapped!  Some committees meet more frequently than others.  If you miss one, you can catch up.  It’s fun, you meet many great ladies, and learn much through networking.

General Meeting Calendar Continued…

February 7 Monday TBD   Hosts:  Joanne Cotter, Diane K Nopenz

March 7 (?) Monday TBD   Hosts:  Julie Anne Grover, Amy Kelly

New Committee News…

A new committee is underway to discuss updating & revising GLWA’s Bylaws.  Chair:  Melissa; Committee members:  Kathy Bartelli, Jenell Mroz, Deb Otlewis & Laura Shimkus 

From the Office of the Treasury

All remains stable in the treasury.  During the month of December, donations of $1,000.00 each were made to Agape House and Twin Oaks Shelter.  Both were the result of motions passed at the December general membership meeting. 

As a reminder, a copy of the Financial Statements for GLWA is available for review at each general membership meeting.  A copy is also attached to the minutes/notes from each meeting.  If there are ever any questions regarding these reports, feel free to contact me at (treasurer email address)

***Donations to GLWA can be made directly through the website, www.glwa.net
Click the ‘Donation’ tab on the GLWA website.  The donor is taken directly to our PayPal account and can process a donation.  The payment is noted as a donation and the treasurer, Georgia, receives an email notification of the donation.  Thank you

That’s a wrap!