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12/2021 – December Newsletter

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Dec 2021

Have you ever really listened to the words to our favorite holiday and Christmas songs? There is an amazing amount of comfort that can be found in those lyrics.

I have struggled writing this month’s letter, where there should be tidings of good cheer and joy. Yet it is exactly one week since a horrific attack on the Waukesha Christmas parade which took six lives and many more changed forever.  We look for reasons and try to understand how it can be during this festive time. It is inevitable that somewhere in the scope of our current or previous membership, a GLWA sister is impacted by this or some other challenge.  Some find themselves in vastly different life situations, whether missing a beloved family member, relationships ending or illness.  I pray for healing, understanding and love in this holiday season.  Listen carefully to those Christmas carols, take those words to heart, sing your heart out and may “comfort and joy” find you.

Two kinds of gratitude: the sudden kind we feel for what we take; the larger kind we feel for what we give.”

—Edwin Arlington Robinson (1869-1935)

Giving season is upon us! Your board has been busy in planning some good group cheer.  You will find two board recommendations for Giving Opportunities in the newsletter, and we will look to vote on these at our December meeting.  I had the opportunity to deliver the generous Twin Oaks donations and visit with shelter manager, Jim, and a few of the residents. They are grateful for every donation. Colleen and I were able to present the Inspired Coffee Scholarship check and learn how the program continues to develop and evolve. Manager, Jessie, and media star/employee, Lexi, had lots to share and would love to see you soon. The Parade of Trees troupe has outdone themselves with a stunning tree.  Please do not miss the opportunity to visit the Geneva Lake Museum and vote for us. It beautifully displays just how much we do in our community.

There’s lots of fun to be had this December at Bricks. Don your plaid, bring your unwrapped toys or gift cards for Holiday Helping Hands, money for antlers and tails,  gratitude attitude, thoughts and suggestions for LDL and Women’s’ Weekend, plans for your future board or committee commitments, and you’ll probably need your dancing shoes as well.

As always, there’s a lot of thank you’s that need to be shouted out.  Elizabeth and Anne for our November meeting, Deb and her tree decorating committee, Laurie, Mel & Deb for their party planning pre-party committee meetings. Your board of directors always has your best interest at heart and works diligently from wherever they may be, to be the best stewards and advocates of GLWA.

On behalf of Georgia, Missy, Treasure, Laurie, Melissa, Deb and myself we wish you the Happiest of Holidays and a Bright and Healthy New Year.



GLWA General Meeting Calendar 2021

December 6 Monday GLWA General Holiday Meeting5:30pm Social Hour, 6:15 Meeting

Dinner & Dessert:  Roast Beef & Mashed Potatoe Bar, Wine, coffee & water provided.  Mixed drinks, beer & soft drinks are avail for purchase.

Wear plaid to be rad, bring money if you want to join in the fast-paced “Antlers & Tails,” (the game played at Laura’s lake house).  $10 to participate, $1 to buy-in. 

Prize is 50/50 raffle, 50% goes to the general fund & 50% to the winner.   

Names will be drawn for 4 winners to receive 2 tickets each to Geneva Lake Museum’s Parade of Trees.

Also, as a reminder, if you can, please bring an unwrapped toy (any age) for Holiday Helping Hands.

And…if the party should move next door to Farmers Inn…don’t be afraid to accept a challenge at the pool table, shot chair, or dance floor…not exactly in that order.  Whaaat could go wrong? 

Hosted by the Social Committee:  Laurie Hallmark, Chair; Mary Blohm, Pat Herman, Melissa Kepler, Deb Otlewis, Kathy Papcke

The general meeting (6:15pm) will have updates from our committees managing various GLWA fundraising efforts and upcoming events with focus on “Women’s Weekend 2022.”  The WW committee has been working non-stop in coming up with ideas for events, procuring donations/grants, securing dates and venues amongst a myriad of other details.  Also, LDL future chair and revision of the Bylaws.

General meeting to put forth motions to donate $1,000 each to Agape & Twin Oaks.  Discuss a “matching funds” program for a fun challenge where GLWA matches donations up to an additional $500 for each, Agape & Twin Oaks. 

General meeting to discuss the Nominating Committee with possible start time of January. 


If you have a toy (all ages & unwrapped) you can donate, please bring to the Dec 6 meeting.  Kathy Papcke will deliver those to the county.

January 10 Monday TBD   Hosts:  Nancy Castelein, Judie Piscopo

February 7 Monday TBD   Hosts:  Deb Norris, Joanne Cotter, Diane K Nopenz

New Committee News…

A new committee is underway updating & revising GLWA’s Bylaws.  Chair:  Melissa; Committee members:  Kathy Bartelli, Jenell Mroz, Deb Otlewis & Laura Shimkus 

As a reminder, a copy of the Financial Statements for GLWA is available for review at each general membership meeting.  A copy is also attached to the minutes/notes from each meeting.  If there are ever any questions regarding these reports, feel free to contact me (treasurer email address)

Dues ($50.00) made payable to GLWA to PO Box 671, Lake Geneva, WI  53147 or bring it to a general membership meeting.

November Member’s Meeting (11/1/21) at OrganiCuts

Committee:  Elizabeth Krause, Anne Guye-Kordus

We had a bright & lively evening accompanied with a wine tasting by our resident consultant for Scout & Cellar, Anne, and a lovely charcuterie board to keep us busy with fine food & spirits.

Just a note, Scout & Cellar is known for their “Clean-Crafted” wines, i.e., synthetic-chemical free.  As the founder, Sarah Shadonix says, “Chemicals belong in a swimming pool.  Wines should be as natural as possible.” 

We were blessed with the attendance of nine energetic and engaging guests, of which 2 joined as members that night!  Was it the wine??  Both women, Catherine Rupp & Claudia Fecho, didn’t waste time by getting involved in Women’s Weekend, Parade of Trees, and I’m sure I’m missing some other committees with these two movers & shakers.  We hope the others continue to attend and give us a try!   (Perhaps we should throw in a toaster oven.) 


That’s a wrap!

GLWA Events on the Horizon & Standing Committees:

Holiday Helping Hands    Chair: Kathy Papcke; Committee:  Georgia Ichen, Elizabeth Krause, Denise Schnurr.  Purpose:  GLWA adopts 2 families to provide Christmas gifts & food through Walworth Co Social Services, i.e., toys, clothes, gift cards for ages 0-14 yrs.  Items will be delivered by Dec 13.   If you have any toys (all ages & unwrapped) to donate, please bring to the Dec 6 meeting.  Kathy Papcke will deliver those to the county.  Let’s to shopping!

Scholarship  Inspired Coffee  Chair:  Colleen Dunford; Committee:  Cathy Stoodley.

Would you look at those beaming faces!!!  Colleen & Cathy delivered a $1,000 scholarship donation from GLWA to Inspired Coffee’s manager, Jessie Bongiomo, and Inspired’s media darling & employee, Lexi.  They truly have fun teaching and serving up their excellent coffees and treats (including great gluten free choices) to happy patrons.  Stop by for a try, 883 W Main St, Lake Geneva.

Owned by Inspiration Ministries, a Walworth County non-profit, which provides long-term care to people with special needs.  The coffee shop, Inspired Coffee, employs up to 20-30 individuals with mild to moderate developmental and physical disabilities.  The employees will be job trained, coached and celebrated as they are placed into fully integrated work settings.

Ladies Day Luncheon, LDL –  Mark your calendars!!! Date/venue is set for next year, Sept 19, 2022 at Geneva National.   We can get into the venue for set-up on Sep 18.  (Big sigh of relief.)

Parade of Trees at Geneva National Museum    Co-chairs:  Colleen Dunford, Deb Otlewis Committee:  Joanne Cotter, Kathy Papcke, Judie Piscopo, Catherine Rupp, Cathy Stoodley

Whalaa!  The GLWA tree decorators hit the ground running and were the first group to decorate.  Judie Piscapo won our admiration for her creative banner; and, Kathy’s machine came through with accompanying cards representing our numerous fundraising recipients.  The committee had a blast refurbishing last year’s ornaments while adding some new pizazz…ok, wine may or may not have been involved at a few Bottle Shop meetings.  We celebrated our masterpiece by walking to Sabai Sabai for a tasty lunch.   

Twin Oaks Shelter, Darien    Committee:  Julia Hillman

Thanks to all who contributed to our November supplies drive at OrganiCuts, where the Nov 1st general meeting was held.   Requests were cleaning supplies, toiletries, etc., and Cathy’s car was full for delivery!  The generosity of GLWA  members & friends is incredible and brings much joy to the recipients.

Purpose:  12 room, 24/7 homeless shelter for families and individuals.  Program helps people move toward economic independence.  A new shelter is in the works.  Twin Oaks Shelter for the Homeless needs help.  The shelter only fully opened up donations again on July 8 after a pause to help prevent the spread of Covid-19.  Cleaning products, hygiene items and new pillows & bedding remain at the top of their wish list.  High priority items include toilet paper, laundry detergent and disinfectant wipes.

Walworth Co Food Pantry & Diaper Bank    Committee:  Penny Hallett

Current needs:  Staple items for Dry & Can Bags (see below) & volunteers for 1-2 hour shifts. If you visit, ask to see their hydroponic garden.  Amazing! 

Women’s Weekend 2022 –  May 13 – 15  Chair:  Missy Sell;  Co-chairs:  Liz Krause, Treasure Sperry.  Committee:   Mary Blohm, Anne Guye-Kordus, Deb Norris, Diane K Nopenz, Deb Otlewis,  Kathy Papcke, Marie Williams

WW ‘22 committee is under way planning for an exciting 2022 Women’s Weekend with many new activities scheduled as well as past favorites.  The committee has been working non-stop on procuring grants/donations, ideas for events, procuring & reserving venues, and calling & recalling hopeful donors.

While we are always working on numerous projects, currently our ‘big one’ is Women’s Weekend 2022, May 13-15.  We have secured the beautiful Riviera for the kick-off party Fri night, 5/13, with a “Roaring 20’s” theme.    There are many moving parts to this event & others.  We need volunteers for multiple committees, and can attest to it that you will have as much fun participating as the guests!  Please do not hesistate to contact either me or any committee member for information on how to help or participate.

Chair:  Missy; Co-chairs:   Elizabeth, Treasure

Sub-Committees thus far:

Event Planning/Sponsorship Finders – Kathy P, Liz K, Anne G

Advertising/Marketing – Treasure S, Anne G

Social Media/Graphics – Treasure S

Swag Bags – Deb N, Treasure S

Organize Volunteers

Silent Auction/Raffles