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GLWA Gives, 2nd Annual Tampon & Pad Drive

Welcome to our second annual Tampon & Pad drive to benefit the Walworth County Food Pantry & Diaper bank. Female hygiene items and incontinence pads are always needed in the pantry, and as a group of women, we recognize how critical this is.
Last year, we concentrated on male and female incontinence products. We’d like to focus more on tampons and pads this year, as they’ll be provided to high school kids whose families may not be able to purchase them and therefore the girls miss school.
We’ve created an Amazon wish list for donations. When you click on that link and make a purchase from that list, you will have the option of having it mailed directly to us at GLWA, where it will be delivered to the food pantry when the event is complete.
This list is located at: https://amz.run/4g7N
If you know a GLWA member you can also give your donation to them directly if you do not want to purchase off of Amazon, or you can message us to work out a way to get it from you. The Amazon link was not only convenient last year, but it also worked wonderfully and we would like to continue to use it.
Although our focus is on tampons and pads, we have still included incontinence products on that list.
Thank you for your assistance; we hope to outdo last year’s amazing drive! Please feel free to share this!