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August 2018 Minutes

Minutes: Georiga’s House 8/6/18

Start time:  6:45


New Member: Janel


Tabling July minutes until next meeting.

Guests: Laurie Shimkus husband is here.  Riley  and Savanaah are twins and Kathy Papke’s grand-daughters.  Riley thanked Kathleen Gilbert and GLWA for their donation of pencils last fall for her charity work that she does.

Treasurer: Cathy Stoodley went over the bank accounts.  Cathy was paid money for LDL?  And paid for our Christmas party.??

Who owes dues, Gisela, Leech, Wilson’s, Grace Sheilds. Cathy went over the dues and what they cover and what you can do/can’t do.

Papke:  Good finds called Cathy Papke to get more cookbooks to sell.  Cathy told her that we would get back to her after our meeting.  We do not want to have her sell them if we are discounting our cookbooks at Venetian.  The discussion was made that we still want to sell the cookbooks their at the same price since they are being sold to tourists.  The discussion was also that we are selling them to $10 at Venetian and Good finds would be selling them at $12 and that is not fair.  Kathleen Kellher said to mention to Good Finds what we are selling them at for Venetian and if she chooses to mark them up and make money she is welcome to do so.


LDL: Francine Jacobs:  49 paid reservations, 19 say they are coming in but ant count them until they have paid.  We have 151 more tickets to go.  Sent out 45 emails from emails that she received from GLWA members.  Wrote a letter about GLWA and safety town, and mailed out today.  New rack cards printed and gave them to Visitors Bureau.  She does have new fliers that are more clear and precise.  If anyone has anywhere to place them and push the event, please do so.  Right now we are in the whole for LDL.  See if you can add information into any Newsletter/work item, community involvement that we can add to that we can get the word out more. The discussion is that we should sell LDL tickets at Venetian fest to push the event.  Workers at the shift should work towards selling tickets.  Went over the Rack cards and the different way that woman can pay/attend LDL.  Francine will put together a bullet point poster as to why we want to sell tickets and what we do.  Sharon said that she bumped into people and they did not receive any emails regarding LDL.  Been said that their have not been getting a lot of names/information to reach out to people. 


Kristina: Venetian Fest, all spots are filled!  Cookies 10.00, cook books 10.00.   25% of Profit on posters are ours.   Maggie in charge of baking and plating Friday. 


Kathleen Harvest dinner: Meeting 5:30 at Champs, We are not tax exempt in Sales tax.  Need addresses of former presidents.  Asks for review of president list, asking for correct addresses.


Kathy P: Needs someone to take on Craft fair in October, no bites


Georgia: Volunteers for Christmas gift wrapping


Food Pantry: Penny We have been approved for the food bank and diaper drive.  1,450 diapers.   Open arms for back to school, working on stocking stuffers for seniors.


Paws Cause: Bleach thank you! Next month, bring a bottle of wine for cork pull for LDL.


Old Business: Website August 15th Launch,  will be a members only section. We will track our web users and info.  E-mails of committees and positions will have finite address that will be permanent


Mole Fest, Kathy P: Possibly 2,000.00!  

New Business:

Francine:  Are we going to be salvation army bell ringer?

Kathleen Gilbert: Motions to do salvation army bell ring: Second Laurie

Cathy Stoodley: Promo for special Olympics, looking for volunteers.

Kathy: Megan is Pregnant!

Kate: LDL Letter from her got 6 tickets, re-post on FB, do everything you can.

Marie:  Next year is our 55th year, Re-energizing of the group event.

Next Meeting: Stop and Smell the roses, Farm in Delavan

Pat P: Bellfry will have the C notes, August 26th, Tribute to Joe 7pm Sunday.

Kathleen G: Motion to adjurn Meeting, Kristina B second.