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September 2018 Minutes

6:34 Call to Order
No Quorum to approve July & august meetings

Treasure Report: Good things, LDL going good. Laurie & Cathy met. Anyone interested in being Treasure now is a time to “apprentice”. General Fund is healthy
Philanthropic $6XXX (Amount to be confirmed by C.S)
Safety Town $3Xxx (Amount to be confirmed by C.S)
Mole in General Fund
LDL has at least $2500 not yet added to checking account.
CD holding $485X. (Amount to be confirmed by C.S)
Earned $1749 from Mole Fest

Board Recommending $1000 in General and Balance in Philanthropic.
Possible pay for Website?

LDL: 16 Tables Sold, 39 Single Tickets Total Guests 165 Ladies. Last year 130 (guestimate) 2016: 121. Goal is 200. Looking for Silent Auction Items.

Venetian Fest: It was a hit. It was fun. $1038 profit. Maggie made red plate special. 23 cook books sold. Sold 10 Venetian Fest Posters. 7 Note Card Packs. Neal will Donate Poster for LDL. Can sell at Craft Fair. 25% of Sales from Posters.

Harvest Dinner: Oct. 8 at Café Calamari at 5:30 cash bar, dinner at 6:30. Entrée: Salmon, Chicken Piccata, Pork Chop, Gluten Free Available. Last count 72 hours before. Need money and decisions made by 10/4. $30. Trying to get ahold of past members. Sindy doing decorations with Mum theme.

Looking for Locations of Future Meetings.

New member Drive: Oct 23rd 5:30-8:30. Geneva Lake Brewing Co. Bring a Guest for Attendance.

Craft Show 2nd Sat of November: Need someone to take the lead. We have product. Just need help scheduling.

Salvation Bell Ringing: We’ll discuss next meeting.

Holiday Helping Hands: Contact has been made with Pat @ Walworth County. We will sponsor either one or two families (depending on size).

Food Pantry: Made official Diaper Bank thanks to GLWA. Need Volunteers!

Paws Cause: Whisker Walk Sat Sept 29th. What is it? $40- TShirt, Food, Music, Pet Toy, Walk your Dog, Etc… Lots of Fun!

Twin Oaks: No News

Old Business: None

New Business:
Olivia Deering sent a very sweet Thank You note for scholarship. Shelby (past scholarship) just started her new job.
SMILES Doing Horse Show for writers Sat Sept 13? . Board Members voted to donate $100 to SuperStar Fan Club so we will be advertised.

No motion to Adjourn because we don’t have enough members present.