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Dog Safety

Dog SafetyDog Safety

Dogs communicate differently than humans, so dogs may misunderstand some actions of children. A dog may feel threatened by a child if they:

  • Run away from the dog
  • Try to hug a dog around the neck
  • Stare at the dog
  • Tease the dog
  • Play rough with a dog and pretend to fight with the dog
  • Yell or throw things at the dog

How to Meet A Dog

o   Always ask permission to pet a dog.

o   Let the dog sniff their closed hand.

o   Slowly and gently pet the side of the dog’s neck. Do not pet on top of head.

Teach children to be safe with these two safety postures if they are approached by a dog.

Stand Like a Tree

o   Stand straight, feet together

o   Make fists with hands and place under chin

If the child is on the ground when a dog approaches they should:

Act Like a Log

o   Lie face down, feet together

o   Make fists with hands and place them behind their neck.

o   Cover ears with forearms

Dog Safety

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