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Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrian SafetyPedestrian Safety

Stop, Look, and Listen

The first thing we do before we cross the street is STOP! Then we look to the left, to the right, and then to the left again. Even if the light is green, we always stop and look first. The turn right on red law on many corners presents an added danger, and your child should be extra cautious. Always walk quickly across the street, but NEVER run or stop in the middle of the street.

Traffic Signs & Signals

Teach your child to look at the light facing him because there are many intersections in a city where the child cannot see the lights that face the crosswalk he/she is using. Therefore, he/she must learn to use the one he/she can see. Go with the traffic: green means GO, yellow means slow down and prepare to stop, red means STOP, whether you are walking or driving. Stop signs mean stop for pedestrians and motorists.

Keep Right.

Always enter a car on the right side—the sidewalk side, not the street side. When walking through a parking lot, it is a good idea to hold hands with an adult. Cars don’t always see pedestrians, and an adult can move a child out of the way quickly.


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Pedestrian Safety

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